Current Job Bulletin - Southern California:

Position: Auditor

Job #: A01
Location: El Monte, CA

- Plan, coordinate and participate in audit of financial statements based on US GAAP/GAAS and/or IFRS/IAS, and due diligence procedures for local and international corporations.

- Inspect account books and accounting systems for efficiency and use of accepted accounting procedures.

- Examine the schedules for clients' accounts including bank reconciliations, depreciation schedules, contracts and amortization schedules, prepaid and accrued expenses, aging of receivables and payable, stockholders' equity accounts and of various revenue and expenses.

- Inspect clients' risk assessment procedures for operations and financial reporting.

- Prepare detailed reports on audit findings and Report to management and corporate governance about audit results, and recommend changes in operations and financial activities.

- Evaluate clients' internal control policies and procedures and make recommendations for deficiencies and weakness to improve operations.

- Audit payroll and personnel records to determine unemployment insurance premiums, workers' compensation coverage, liabilities, and compliance with tax laws.

- Examine information gathered from clients such as material assets, liabilities, net worth income, surpluses, and expenditures to verify financial status and identify potential tax issues.

Requirements: Job requires master's in accounting/finance plus 3 years' experience as auditor, or alternatively, bachelor's in accounting/finance plus 5 years' post-graduate progressive professional experience as auditor. Will accept applicants with suitable combination of education, training, and/or experience.”

Please e-mail your resume to info@chenfancpa.com or fax to (626) 279-1888.