Current Job Bulletin - Northern California:

Position: Staff Accountants

We are currently seeking qualified candidates who can apply knowledge of generally accepted accounting principles and follow generally accepted accounting standards to conduct the following tasks:

- Review information gathered from clients such as material assets, income, surpluses, liabilities and expenditures to verify net worth or reported financial status and identify potential tax issues;

- Perform financial audit, compilation, and due diligence procedures for local and international corporations;

- Perform multiple analysis based on historical operating performance, future strategic goals, and financial data variances;

- Advise clients on various economic risks in their given industry, applying GAAP and GAAS consistently;

- Prepare financial statements for businesses;

- Prepare, maintain, and analyze clients' financial information to estimate future operation revenue / expenditure;

- Analyze and prepare work papers for client accounts including bank reconciliations, depreciation schedules, contracts and amortization schedules, prepaid and accrued expenses, aging of receivables and payables, stock holders' equity accounts and of various revenue and expenses;

- Prepare federal and state individual, partnership, corporate and trust tax returns and prepare payroll, sales, property and other tax returns.

Requirement: Master’s in Accounting

Please mail your resume to: Chen & Fan Accountancy, Attn: SJ1207, 181 Metro Dr,, Suite 500, San Jose, CA 95110