Current Job Bulletin - Northern California:

Position: Accountant / Auditor
San Jose, CA

We are currently seeking qualified candidates who can apply knowledge of generally accepted accounting principles and follow generally accepted professional standards to conduct the following duties:

- Apply knowledge of generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP) to prepare and review financial and accounting reporting.

- Audit client’s financial statements to ensure it is recognized correctly based on GAAP principle.

- Review companies’ financial statements to understand their financial activity and identify significant accounts.

- Analyze financial reporting and compare it with comparable objective measures in the same industry.

- Conduct auditing tasks, including analyzing financial documents, inspecting account books, and examining transactions.

- Provide audit result to audited clients and assist with companies to better comply with GAAP standards.

Requirement: Job requires Bachelor’s in Accounting. Three years’ experience. Must be able to perform job tasks, including having knowledge of GAAP..

Please mail your resume to: Chen & Fan Accountancy, Attn: HR, 181 Metro Dr,, Suite 500, San Jose, CA 95110